Protect your reputation and company with these towing services by Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery Services


Serving Apartments, Duplexes, Condos, Businesses, Colleges, Empty Parking Lots

Protect your residents with towing services from Rapid Recovery. We zero in on your needs and create structure and order for the tenants that pay and abide by rules stated in your lease agreement.

Our team will:

  • Install any and all signage at no charge
  • Provide management of your facilities with proper notification letters to the residents
  • Set proper start dates so residents will have prior notice regarding towing enforcements on property
  • Properly and clearly stencil Visitor and or Resident parking spaces
  • Provide your property with parking permit stickers if desired
  • Randomly patrol the parking facilities 24 hours a day for your residents safety
  • Walk and mark vehicles for infractions such as TAA rules as well as rules in your company’s parking addendum
  • Provide constant communication with management in an app that will share pictures and info of any activity
  • Provide permits, stenciling, signage, and notifications at no additional charge


Our parking sticker program allows you to protect parking spaces and maintain order for your residents. We create a sticker that will go above the registration on the front windshield. The sticker will have your logo on it as well as the Rapid Recovery logo and our office number.

  • This services is provide at no charge to the private property
  • Custom numbering on permits
  • Resident discount for personal tows in town limits
  • Resident discount on lock out assistance

Notices On

  • Flat tires
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Expired registration
  • Inoperable or wrecked vehicles


Servicing Banks, Buy Here Pay Here, Dealerships, Title Loan Companies and More

Protect your business with towing services from Rapid Recovery. We will:

  • Get your collateral back as quickly as possible
  • Only bill if we are able to repossess the vehicle
  • Conduce your repossession in a completely safe, professional manner in order to maintain the reputation of you, our client
  • Provide you with an accurate account of all events and situations regarding the repossession
  • Use DRN plate recognition for accurate repossession and reporting
  • Be available 24 hours a day, with storage facilities that are secured and gated.
  • Have grade A insurance, and be bonded for all repossessions.


  • Tows: Roadside to Home or Bodyshop, etc. or Home to Bodyshop, etc.
  • Lockouts
  • Jump Starts

Our commitment to our customers

  • To place the name and interest of our clients above all else.
  • To remember that our actions and words reflect on the reputation of our clients.
  • To provide our clients with an accurate account of the work performed on their behalf.
  • To bill only for actual work performed, at rates made clear to our clients prior to accepting the task.
  • To provide a quality of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients.